Bart Santello - Owner, Desert Homestead LLC


Back around the the year 2000, I attended the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show where I came across this beautiful stone and immediately had an idea to use a slab of Honeycomb Calcite in a small adobe building I was constructing at that time in southern Arizona. Once I had incorporated the stone into the building’s adobe wall and saw the captivating stained glass effect of this translucent stone, I wanted to get involved working-with and selling Honeycomb Calcite.  I contacted and established a business relationship with owners of the calcite quarry and Desert Homestead Stone Products was establish.  Since that time, my wife Peggy and I enjoy meeting people curious and excited to have this beautiful stone in their homes; and to see artisans crafting products from their imagination. Background: I am an aerospace engineer, natural (earthen) builder, digital filmmaker, solar power enthusiast, and stone-crafter living in Phoenix and Arivaca, here in Arizona. Feel welcome to contact me the discuss possibilities..... Bart                                                


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