Products shown here in the Gold Room page are for sale, unless indicated otherwise.  Each offered piece will have an item number, size and price you can note if you plan to order.  If you would like to see additional photos of a stone, want additional information, or rather place a custom order, please click on the  “Contact-Purchase” tab on the menu bar above to learn more about purchasing. The items in the Gold Room represent the best quality Honeycomb Calcite currently in inventory.  ‘Quality’ as defined here are pieces that have unique natural features such as the stone’s cell structure, color variation, rare inclusions (such as ancient clay). All stones shown below were illuminated with candles, natural light, or special lighting to show their best features (color, cell structure and translucency).* Click on any picture on this page to enlarge photo. 
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The Gold Room

*Photographs shown here were taken with digital cameras: Thus due to sensor limitations color will vary somewhat from actual. 
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-02)  3”-dia x 7”  $100
     Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-03)    4”-dia x 6”  $115
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-04)    4”-dia x 5”  $85
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-05)    4”-dia x 4”  $50
Cored-Cylinder (Item CC-83)    3”-dia x 8”  $70
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-07)    4”-dia x 6”  $95
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-08)    3”-dia x 6”  $65
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-09)    4”-dia x 4.5”  $35
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-10)    3”-dia x 3”  $25
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-11)    3”-dia x 7”  $120
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-12)    3”-dia x 7”  $65
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-13)    4”-dia x 6”  $130
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-14)    3”-dia x 7”  $65
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-15)    3”-dia x 10”  $125
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-16)    3”-dia x 6”  $60
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-17)    3”-dia x 5”  $45
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR2-19)    3”-dia x 5”  $65

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Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-1) 5"-dia x 9"-tall   $215 (Notes: Beautiful honeycomb and large cell pattern. Frosted top. Excellent visual appeal)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-2) 4"-dia (thin) x 6"-tall   $135 (Notes: Thin wall cut; light orange to yellow color. Soft vertical line structure, with several horizontal elements. Nice!)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-3) 3-3/4"-dia (thin) x 7"-tall   $150  (Notes: A unique stacked horizontal pattern of thin 3D-like cells bisected by vertical columns. Gorgeous thick frosted top. Orange-honey color) Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-4) 2"-dia (thin) x 7"-tall   $35  (Notes: A seemingly clear cylinder gives way to   subtle internal lines and a arch-like cell.  Nice  visual effect. Light orange-honey color)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-48) 2-3/4”-dia x 7"-tall   $55 (Notes: One large cell structure with faint lines. Inverted arch with brown line of ancient clay with white frosting provides artistic flare)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-49) 3”-dia x 6"-tall   $50 (Notes: Distinct vertical white lines, thick frosted top, light orange-to-yellow color and 5/8”-wall thickness give this piece a solid look/feel)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-50) 2-1/2”-dia x 7"-tall   $65 (Notes: Light vertical lines with sine-wave type white line 360-deg around cylinder, along with thin horizontal accent line 1/2” from bottom. Thick frosted top - vibrant color.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR1-8) 3-3/4”-dia x 5"-tall   $70 (Notes: Light vertical lines with strata of several wide horizontal lines, that look like surfaces inside the stone. Thick frosted top - nice color.)
Notes: This series of five gorgeous cored-cylinders features cells formed by crossing lines of calcium carbonate. Item DC-1  has an Onyx look with wavy vertical lines that isolate patterns cells each unique with varying density.  Item DC-2 looks and feels satiny, with an evolving vertical fern-like structure and a sculpted crown top.  Item DC-3 exemplifies the crisscross pattern formation.  Item DC-4 has a nice 1/4”-thick frosted top of the white calcium carbonate.  Item DC-5 rounds-out this line of the crisscross pattern and is the only one to feature a 45-deg angles top.
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-109) 3”-dia x 5-6"-tall   $50 (Notes: Fantastic Color and depth, with faint horizontal lines internal. Frosted top. A beauty.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-77) 3”-dia x 4-5"-tall   $40 (Notes: Steep angle cut with frosted top. good honey-orange color - large cells)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR5-102) 3”-dia (thin) x 6"+ tall   $55 (Notes: A light and delicate thin walled cylinder with 4-distinct horizontal lines.  Rough frosted top - Interesting piece.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-113) 3”-dia x 4-1/2"+ tall   $29 (Notes: Gorgeous honeycomb cell pattern with fern-like pattern in each cell.  Rough lightly frosted irregular top)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-106) 3”-dia x 4-1/2"+ tall   $29 (Notes: Gorgeous honeycomb cell pattern with fern-like pattern in each cell.  Rough lightly frosted irregular top)
Square (cored)  (Item GR3-111) 2”-square x 6"-tall   $55 (Notes: Elegant glossy look for this square candle holder with smoothed corners. Mostly yellow in color. Fantastic honeycomb throughout.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-94) 3”-dia x 6"-tall   $30 (Notes: Satiny-look with two prominent vertical calcium-carbonate lines embedded with ancient clay during formation.  Slight bevel top. Combo dense honeycomb and horizontal line accent)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-112) 2”-dia x 5"-tall   $30 (Notes: Distinct horizontal strata create zones of slightly differentiated color and cell structure. Cut & smoothed top)
Square (cored)  (Item GR3-101) 2”-square x 3-4"-tall   $20 (Notes: Nice diagonal lines accent this small square  candle holder. Dense perpendicular patterns  between the lines really embellish this piece)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-104) 4”-dia x 8.5"-tall   $125 (Notes: The thin wall of this piece maximizes light transmission through varying line patterns that will have you fixated on this cylinder. A few horizontal line accents also.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item CC-82) 3-3/4”-dia x 5"-tall   $50 (Notes: The 1”-thick wall of this cylinder yields deep color in this large cell piece. Frosted top with thin film layer of ancient clay)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-110) 4”-dia (thin) x 9.25"-tall   $155 (Notes: Gorgeous delicate thin-wall cylinder with sine-wave type lines around circumference. Primarily yellow in color, similar to GR3-104)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR5-99) 3-5/8” x 6"-tall   $95 (Notes: Dense vertical cascading cells reveal interesting 3D-like patterns. Glossy look. Frosted top with ring of ancient clay just below frosted ring.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-115 + 84) 2-3/4”-dia x 2-1/2"-tall   $35 (Pair) (Notes: Dense vertical cascading cells reveal interesting 3D-like patterns. Glossy look. Frosted top with ring of ancient clay just below frosted ring. From same boulder as GR3-91.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-99) 2”-dia (thin) x 5-6"-tall   $37 (Notes: Elegant thin-walled cylinder with extensive vertical line patterns. Some imperfections from ‘coring’ process - fine horizontal grooves; but otherwise a nice piece)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-100) 3-3/4” x 6"-tall   $80 (Notes: Nice solid piece with rich orange-yellow color. Wide frosted lines. )
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-105) 3”-dia x 8"-tall   $125 (Notes: Very unique and delicate thin-walled cylinder from a Honeycomb Calcite boulder with ringed-strata of calcium carbonate and clay in a dense cell structure. Unlike the other pieces listed.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-51) 2”-dia (thin) x 4"-tall  $25 (Notes: Yellowish cylinder with classic dense Honeycomb pattern. Opposite side, not shown, has fern-like cells)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-97) 3”-dia x 4"-tall  $30 (Notes: Nice Honeycomb pattern with distinct white surface lines. Rough top provides sense of ruggedness)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-87) 3-3/4”-dia x 6"-tall  $95 (Notes: Beautiful solid presentation of seemingly cascading cells that seem 3D when illuminated. Cut and smoothed flat top)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-89) 3-3/4”-dia x 4-1/4"-tall  $60 (Notes: Classic example of honeycomb pattern primarily yellow in color with orange influence. Top cut flat and smoothed)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-92) 4”-dia x 7"-tall  $118 (Notes: This piece is like one large cell with subtle random patterning throughout. A light yellow and extremely translucent. A special piece indeed! )
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR3-88) 4-5/8”-dia x 5-1/4"-tall  $90 (Notes: Beautiful honeycomb pattern in this strong piece. Attractive orange-yellow color with prominent white lines extending to surface. Note: Thin machining lines from coring process at top - see picture. Price adjusted to reflect imperfection.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR4-39) 2”-dia x 6"-tall  $45 (Notes: Cascading lines circumferentially, yellow color with a hint of brownish-red  clay immersion, good translucency.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR4-54) 3-3/4”-dia x 5-6"-tall  $80 (Notes: Complex cell structure, dense in some areas larger cells in other areas. Color yellow to honey. Rough-cut angled top. Thick patches of calcium carbonate on top front lip.)
Cored-Cylinder (Item GR5-75) 3-3/4”-dia x 9-10"-tall  $150 (Notes: Variation in cell structure, density and lines occupy some levels, while non-uniform cells and patterns fill the space between the lines.  Beveled top Honey-yellow in color.  One prominent circumferential line of redish clay accents the top third of the stone - See photo.)