The Mud Rock Collection

The ‘Mud Rock’ is a name given for a Honeycomb Calcite boulder that was the ugly duckling of a pile of quarried stone.  I was apparent from a visual inspection that for this particular Honeycomb Calcite boulder, clay and rock conglomerated with the calcium carbonate at the time of formation millions of years ago.  When examining the boulder, I knew there was an area of Honeycomb Calcite under the mud top.  I wasn’t sure if the ancient clay and rock inclusions would be such a large percentage, that the time and expense of coring cylinders would be worth the effort.  But I was too curious to see how artistically nature formed the cell structure of the calcite at the boundary with the clay.  I decided that due to the density, that a few samples of thin-walled cylinders should be cored to test the yield of the piece.
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The first few samples were spectacular, so the entire piece was ‘cored’ and thirteen one-of-a-kind “Mud Rock Collection” cylinders were produced. This collection features thirteen beautifully unique cylinders from the Mud Rock and are available for purchase.  The photographs below provide a visual description where words fall short.   The item number, size (diameter and hight) and price (not including shipping) is provided for each piece.  All sizes are approximate.

Item MR-41

3”-dia x 8-9” tall

thin wall


Item MR-42

5”-dia x 12” tall



Item MR-43

4”-dia x 5-6” tall



Item MR-44

4”-dia x 4-5” tall



Item MR-48

2”-dia x 5” tall



Item MR-49

2”-dia x 4-5” tall



Item MR-50

2”-dia x 3-4” tall



Item MR-58

3”-dia x 5-6” tall



Item MR-89

3-3/4”dia x 7” tall



Item MR-104

3”-dia x 5-6” tall



Item MR-6

2”-dia x 7” tall



Item MR-8

4”-dia x 8-9” tall



Item MR-40

3”-dia x 7” tall



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*Photographs shown here were taken with digital cameras: Thus due to sensor limitations color will vary somewhat from actual.