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This page features quarried boulders for artisans/stone carvers; rough cut stone, slabs, sculpted stone and artistic creations for purchase.  All featured are Honeycomb Calcite.  Items for sale are identified as such.  More sculpted pieces will be added as created. Please inquire if you are looking for something particular for your own project or display.

For Sale

12”x12”x2”- thick tile cut flat and

honed on six-sides.  Beautiful piece

for in-wall stained-glass effect or

other application $200 plus shipping.

Weight approximately 30-lbs.

(Item T12-2)  

15” x 9” x 1.5” - thick (varies) This piece is thin in

places where the color of the stone is almost white

with a delicate transition to yellow with some honey

color.  The top photo shows the side with remnants

of the outer carbonate layer, including spots of

hardened ancient clay.  $90 plus shipping

Approximately 9-lbs.  (Item LS-3) 

19”x 7”x 7”- Unfinished rough-cut

chunk of Honeycomb Calcite for

 the motivated sculptor $125 plus

shipping. Weight approx. 56-lbs.

(Item LS-2)

From Rough Cut to Finished Piece: Here Are a Few Examples (Slide show).. 

New sculpted Honeycomb Calcite pieces by Bart Santello.  Available for sale at

Architectural Minerals and Stone in Irvington, NY   

Contact Architectural Minerals via this link - click here:


Look at the rich color in this exquisite 34” by 14” tall cut-slab mantle-piece.

Dense with vertical patterning and extensive color variation. $1,250

(Item MD-1)


This sculpted remnant from coring cylinders

provides a multi-sided viewing experience

of yellow and orange  34” by 14” tall. There is a

sense of strength, areas of rough natural

texture an a honeycomb face (shown) $235

(Item MF-1)

Prominent lines dominate this 12-1/2” by 8” slab/tile, that’s

yellow in color and has nice translucency. 

Note: some chipped edges at the corners    $95

(Item SL-23)

This Honeycomb Calcite 3-tier wine rack was made from

the remnant of a larger boulder, of which, cylinders were

cored from.  Beautiful large cells, honey-orange in color.

Excellent translucency.   Another option...display for

illumination purposes.  Turn the piece so the cores

are vertical and place votive candles on the inside. 

(Item WR-10)


This small sculped piece measures approximately

11”-wide by 10”-tall.  Perfect for a window sill, or other indirect light location.  Color gradients from white at tip to light honey-orange at base. $75 plus shipping 

(Item SP-401)