Hammerton is a leading U.S. custom

lighting designer and manufacturer

located in Salt Lake City, Utah USA that creates extraordinary lighting for luxury residences, premier hospitality resorts and commercial clients across the globe. Desert Homestead Stone Products supplies to Hammerton, Honeycomb Calcite cylinders for specific lines of sconces and chandeliers upon customer request.

Stained-glass window effect in

adobe wall

This is the first piece of Honeycomb Calcite which became the inspiration for Desert Homestead Stone Products. Installed in an adobe wall of a small out-building in Arivaca, Arizona, the stone showed its potential for architectural uses.  In this case providing an aesthetic embellishment for a traditional southwestern designed building.

Architectural Design & Unique Customer Applications

The Sun Medallion an architectural

creation by Two Iguanas Glass

Linda L. Landauer is a gifted multi- media artist out of Grand Junction, Colorado.  Her crafted “Sun Medallion”,  commissioned by Gateway Canyons Resort in Western Colorado, is a one- of-a-kind work that utilizes individually cut (4”-thick) pieces of Honeycomb Calcite for the sun from supplied slab.  The result is this beautiful stained-glass like architectural detail.  See link below for more photos and artist’s website link.

Large Honeycomb Calcite slab to

embellish natural building design

An adobe studio construction project by Desert Homestead LLC will incorporate massive 200-pound slabs of Honeycomb Calcite into 2-ft thick adobe walls for visual aesthetics. The piece shown here has been installed in a 12-ft diameter circular room and will be back-lit with a lighting fixture inside the wall.  Click the link below for the construction blog showing the installation.  
Earthen Studio, Arivaca, AZ Sconces w/Mesquite base Adobe building, Arivaca, AZ
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Connecticut customer’s wall of

Honeycomb Calcite

Stephen Watson, an eastern

philosopher and martial arts instructor,

lives in the tranquil woods and rural

surroundings of Killingworth,

Connecticut where nature is always

present.  Stephen can’t seem to get

enough of Honeycomb Calcite which as

a natural stone  compliments and

accents his interior space with the

transmission of colored-light that

expresses both strength and a sense of



Two Glass Iguanas stained-glass

design incorporating calcite

Another beautifully fabricated Linda L. Landauer stained-glass piece.  This work was commissioned for the Palisade Academy in Colorado. The project required Six 2' x 2' windows incorporating 2" x 1/4" brass construction, with 3/4"-thick Honeycomb Calcite tiles floated stained glass inserts.  

Seattle customer’s cylinder display

for room of antiques

Beryl in Seattle has many talents with crafting and design.  She asked for four cylinders; two cut flat on both ends so she can stack them for this arrangement. She writes: “When we moved in the townhouse, this corner had congested feng shui. The beginning of the remedy was the statue of Wisdom. It naturally followed that he needed illumination. We liked the symbolism of the soft glow much better than a harsh spot-light.    
Professional display in psychiatric practitioners office - Wellesley, Massachusetts Honeycomb Calcite acts to create a sense of ‘presence’ in professional offices where focus and mindfulness, are inspired by the stone’s rich color and interestingly varying cell structure.  Attention toward Honeycomb Calcite invites reflection and conversation.

Honeycomb Calcite Sconce with

Mesquite-Wood Base

A Desert Homestead Stone Products

original, this design features half-round calcite that is 8-inches across and 12-inches in height, slightly recessed on top of (locally harvested) Mesquite wood base, tapered for an elegant look.  The grain texture on this wood is stunning after being cut, sanded and oiled.  This product is hand-crafted and sells for $500 - delivered.

Illuminated Tiled Walls

Various-shaped Honeycomb Calcite

tiles can be mounted to a rigid acrylic base and back-lit by natural or artificial light to create sections of walls for an entry foyer, bathroom, dining room or wherever a bold statement in a home or commercial space needs to be made.  Each job is completely custom designed.  Photo Credit: Colors of the Wind LLC
Architectural Minerals  offers Gems, Minerals and Crystals for your home, office, public area or any other setting. Give us your colors, size and budget and we will find the perfect stone to complement your space. Many of their pieces have also graced the lobbies of hotels and restaurants. CONTACT Mark Shedrofsky - Owner 1 Bridge Street, Puddy Building, Irvington, NY, 10533 914.479.0049
Architectural Minerals & Stones inc Gallery & Store
Maintains inventory of the finest Honeycomb Calcite sculpted slabs and cored-cylinder supplied by Desert Homestead Stone Products
Hammerton, Inc. Luxury Lighting Solutions
ARIVACA ARTIST’S CO-OP Bart Santello and Desert Homestead Stone Products are excited to be associated with the Artist’s Co-op in Arivaca, Arizona.   Our selection provides an opportunity to engage the public and obtain feedback on selected pieces made available for sale. Hours of business vary according to the seasons. Please check the website below for which days and hours open. Location & Contact  Located South of Tucson on Main Street in Arivaca, Arizona (85601). Take exit 48 off I-19 at Amado; then 23-miles on the Arivaca Road to our rural town near the International Border. Phone: 520.398-9859
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CANDACE GREENBURG - Sculptor                                                         Tucson, Arizona
Candace Greenburg has a lot of energy and a lively personality that drives the passion in her bronze sculptures.  In the late summer of 2014 she contacted me just at the right time, while I a was driving through Tucson from the Honeycomb Calcite quarry with a truckload of stone.  In preparation for an art exhibit Candace selected several gorgeous slabs to mount her finished bronze pieces.  The bronze alongside the Honeycomb Calcite is complimentary and draws immediate attention to the work. We’re both looking forward to seeing what else we can do together in combining bronze sculpting and Honeycomb Calcite.  If your interested in quality bronze work contact Candace by clicking the link below..
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Bronze foot on Honeycomb Calcite slab by Candace Greenburg
Bronze face on Honeycomb Calcite slab by Candace Greenburg
Mark Breithaupt is an extremely talented stone and mutli- media sculptor now in Lexington Virginia, who creates beautiful large-scale scultures from raw stone and complimentary materials.  His website details his multitude of stone-art creations.  Be sure to check it out.  
Jerry Locke from Tucson, Arizona is an stone sculptor and artist who creates innovative landscape art Inspired by his affinity for the outdoors and area mountains. Jerry creates eye-poping wall and table art that emphasizes color, texture and light, by incorporating visually appealing stone which includes calcite, slate, travertine and marble among other media.  See it to believe it at his website.
Honeycomb Calcite tile mosaic designed and fabricated by Bart Santello on front door glass panels.  This project used approximately 125 precision-cut pieces of calcite tiles.