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Honeycomb Calcite - A Remarkable Translucent Stone of Strength and Beauty!

Thank you for visiting my site.  Honeycomb Calcite is a fascinating honey-orange translucent stone comparable to onyx or marble.  The stone is quarried as boulders in the state of Utah.  Getting beneath its chalky-white exterior layer reveals the stone’s beautiful shades of color that range from honey-orange, deep yellow and rich amber.   Once cut, the stone’s interior reveals various white cell patterns - an internal structure appearing as veins or  honeycomb, that vary from dense to large spaced cells.  Each stone’s cell pattern is unique. These boulders can be cut, shaped or cored-out to produce architectural design elements. Artistic creations can be imagined using color and light.  Illuminated cored-cylinders or back-lit  slabs can provide for the individual, an aesthetically pleasing visual experience. Explore this website to learn more about this stone, purchase specific pieces, and to generate new ideas for your own personal or business application.  For the stone artisan, Honeycomb Calcite is ideal for cutting, polishing and grinding.  Ideal for your imagination.       - Bart Santello (Owner) Arizona 
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